What is Resin bound driveway?

A resin bound driveway is considered a hard-wearing surface option, created through a clear, high-quality UV stable polyurethane resin combined with a blend of natural aggregate. It is then trowelled down to a smooth finish, similar to a screed and provides strength and functionality, especially when mixed with an existing solid base such as asphalt or concrete. In addition to durability, it also offers a welcoming, gravelly appearance, while they are not advisable for industrial use, resin bound driveways are often seen on domestic properties or residential developments.

Resin bound application

Using a 110V drill and paddle mixer, the resin and hardener are combined together which is then mixed with the selected aggregate blend, including the necessary fines and sand in a specialised large Forced Action Mixer. After that, the materials are poured into a wheelbarrow and flatly trowelled down onto the prepared surface.

The purpose of the sand in the mixture is to increase the structural strength of the resin surface whilst also providing anti-slip properties. If you require an extra grip, a light layer of glass grit can be drizzled on top of the surface before the resin has cured.

What are the advantages

In addition to its strength and functionality, a resin bound driveway is also fully UV stable, avoiding the unlikely appearance of a yellowing and patchy effect on shaded areas just weeks after being installed. What’s more, resin bound driveways only need rainwater and a light pressure wash to get rid of any build up of algae or dirt contamination to keep it clean. Compared with conventional surfacing solutions a resin bound driveway is environmentally-friendly due to its porous nature.

Will the value of your property be impacted?

Depending on a variety of factors, creating additional parking space (both private and public) can influence the value of your property and it is essential to be aware of this factor when considering a new driveway.

Is planning permission required?

Planning permission is necessary when creating some driveways. If access to a road will be altered or if the development is within an area of archaeological interest then permission will be legally required.

Driveway costs

The cost of installing a new driveway is dependant on the materials chosen. The most cost-effective option in terms of material is asphalt or standard tarmac (not coloured tarmac), with block paving and resin-bound paving materials being more expensive.

When choosing a material, whether that is resin bonded driveway, paving slabs or another material it is important to consider the weight of vehicles that will be using the space as well as the life-span projection of the driveway. Your civil engineering team will be able to offer the best advice based on your personal circumstances.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for the perfect resin bound solution for your driveway project, ensure you choose a reputable and reliable contractor.

L Miles Building Services offer BoundWorx® Resin Bound systems, formulated to suit any domestic and commercial project. We take pride in our wealth of knowledge ,we work with our clients and understand their individual requirements and expectations. Send us an email on rossonwyebuilding@email.com to start your project with us today.

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